Convenient Car Deicing Agent

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Are you still annoyed by the freezing of the windows and handles of the car, which affects your travel?

Come and try our convenient car deicing agent!

It melts the snow extremely fast with no harm to your car, which is your best choice in removing snow.


Remove Ice and Snow in Seconds

The moderate agent can penetrate the gap between the glass and the frost, releasing heat and dissolving and removing the ice, snow and frost.

Safe for Your Car

The soft and moderate alcohol additives are added to it, which is harmless for your car’s paint and glass. You can trust it and use it with confidence.  


Compared with the previous method of pouring hot water and using a small shovel to clean the ice, our deicing agent is easier to use. It will not harm the car and saves time and energy.

Widely Used

Our car deicing agent is suitable for many part of your car, like windshield, car window, rearview mirror, wiper, door handle, car pipe, keyhole, etc. Come to use it to keep your car no longer frozen and restore your free travel!!

How to Use

First, spray the agent on the frosty glass

Second, wait a few minutes for the ice to melt

Third, wipe the glass clean with a dry towel or flannel


Size: 30ml: 10×3cm/4×1.2inch

100ml: 16×4.7cm/6.3×1.9inch

Package includes:1×Convenient Car Deicing Agent


Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.